Ciderniks – Kingston Black 6.5% 20 Litre Bag in Box


Ciderniks’ ciders are made with pure apple juice and nothing else added. So their ciders do not contain sulphites, additional sugar, sucralose, saccharrine or any of the other chemicals and agents that you may find elsewhere. The strength of the ciders produced is, therefore, dependent on the amount of fermentable sugars in the pressed apple juice.  Wherever possible, apples are sourced locally. The mixture of apples used will produce a distinctive taste each year. Juice is allowed to finish fermentation naturally – this tends to produce a drier cider.  Those who prefer a sweeter taste may wish to try adding a small amount of sugar, honey, apple juice or even lemonade, before drinking.

This cider is a single variety cider made from Kingston Black apples with their distinctive ‘nutty’ taste, and was awarded 1st place in the 2015 CAMRA South of England Cider Competition

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