Gyle 59 – Mixed Case 12 x 500 ml


GYLE 59 is Jon Hosking (Founder & Head Brewer) Amanda Edwards (co-owner) and Emma Turner (Brewer).  However, special mention must be given to  Allan Swannell and the owner of Sadborow Estate, whose drive to build a brewery in such a beautiful setting played a huge part in making it all happen.  All GYLE 59 beers are created with one thing in mind – flavour.  They are lucky enough to have a unique supply of spring water which is used to good effect allowing the many different qualities of their ingredients to shine through.

One of their unique selling points is that they do not add Isinglass finings (made from the swim bladders of fish) to their beers. This means that often the beer will appear hazy or cloudy. This is intentional as they wish to keep all the flavour and goodness in the beer. We all believe this is more important than being able to see through the beer and, therefore, their beers are suitable for anyone to enjoy whether  omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan.

A mixed case consisting of 12 x Gyle 59 Ales selected from, but not necessarily including all, of the following: Ginger IPA, Vienna Lager, Starstruck, Toujours and IPAs.

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