Orchard Pig – Dark Cider The Moon 4% 35 pint Bag In Box


It all started in 2004, just outside Glastonbury when two friends, Andrew Quinlan and Neil Macdonald were enjoying their home-made cider and hog roast with friends.  Orchard Pig was born out of a shared passion for great food and Old Spots, the original orchard pigs, and an accidental discovery that home-grown apples make the best tasting cider…

Bursting with West Country bittersweet cider apples, Orchard Pig ciders are expertly crafted to their own special blend and slowly matured for a great taste with real character. With more apples and less bubbles, their bottled ciders are gently carbonated, leaving room for…. more cider!

A medium made with Sloe Berries giving it a rich and fruity tang!

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