West Milton Cider – Dorset Starlight 6% case of 12 x 500 ml


Nick Poole started making cider in West Milton 12 years ago as a means to stop the family’s horses eating too many apples from the orchard. Over the next 12 years Nick developed a keen interest in the traditional methods that produced a naturally sweeter cider. This process is known in England as keeving.  Nick produces cider  in a barn at Lancombe Cross ,West Milton, pressing apples collected from orchards in this and the next village; both old and commercial.  The cider is a blend of juice from several varieties including Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey, Dabinett and Bulmers Norman.

This award-winning draught cider is made from a blend of traditional cider apples grown in West Dorset orchards. The full flavour comes from allowing the fermentation to progress completely naturally then the cider is blended with our keeved cider.

The Starlight is a medium still lightly filtered traditional cider.

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