Bubblegum or Marmalade?

We are always looking to widen our cider range at Fetch The Drinks and this week even more unique products have been added to our online store.

These include a retro range from Twisted and a couple from Orchard Pig, with a real ‘Jester’ in the pack!

If you are after a quirky cider then you have come to the right place.

Twisted Cider, based in Longburton, Dorset, already have a great range of products but have now launched their ‘Retro range’ with two unique flavours. ‘Bubblegum Burst’ and ‘Cloudy Lemonade’, two firsts on the Fetch The Drinks website. You really have to taste them to believe them!



Also new to the site this week is two Orchard Pig offerings, ‘Marmalade’ and ‘Jester’.

Tasting Notes:

Marmalade: Somerset meets Spain for breakfast, with Seville oranges – have with toast and butter.

Jester: A perfect match for longer, lighter days with its summery citrus bursts of orange and lemon. Serve with a slice of each and enjoy this tangy twist.