Beard and Sabre – IÐUNN – 5% – 6 pint pouch


Iðunn, the keeper of apples and granter of eternal youthfulness. Idolised in the Poetic Edda Lokasenna – a pagan era goddess. A smooth drinking medium still cider, low in acidity but with a dry mouthfeel imparted from the pressing of specially chosen British bittersweet cider apples. The true taste of the forbidden fruit and a great all year staple that pairs well with food. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. Full juice, not from concentrate.  Sweetened with apple juice, never artificially and using pressed apples from our Shepton Mallet orchard.

Our 6 Pint Pouch is the perfect size and comes with a reduced delivery fee too!

(this product is unavailable to addresses outside mainland Uk, including Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man)

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