Copse House Cider – Landshire Still Medium – 6% – 35 pint bag in box


Around 100 years ago cider was a real currency in Dorset, with Gillingham being home to a thriving community of apple growers.  Copse House Cider are bringing this heritage home by reviving over 300 acres of farmland on Kine Bush Farm in Sandley, giving rise to orchards that yield some of the counties’ finest apples and pears.

When it comes to crafting beautiful cider, Bob Chaplin, a master cider maker, knows all the secrets. However, he doesn’t like to keep this knowledge all to himself… he is best known for fostering the link between growers and producers and is a highly respected source of advice for newcomers and existing cider makers alike. In 2013, he was awarded the Bath & West Gold Medal for his lifetime contribution to the cider industry. We’re incredibly proud to be opening up the hidden nature of Dorset cider once again, encouraging others to follow.

The original Copse House Cider, Landshire Still Medium is a true award-winner, unrivalled in its class at the 2013 Royal Bath & West Show.  Served cold, this crafted and delicious cider is soft and mellow with a medium tannin finish.

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