Drop The Anchor – Mixed Case 12 x 500 ml


Drop the Anchor Brewery, set up by Neil, is the only brewey based in the beautiful medieval town of Christchurch Dorset.  Drop The Anchor Brewery handcrafts its beers in small batches under Neil’s close personal attention.

Drop The Anchor beers are unfined and therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  Given enough time, beer will clear naturally, but there is often not time to allow it to settle in the cellar for a couple of weeks or more, while nature does its thing. Therefore, it has long been the practice to add a suspension of tropical fish swim bladders mixed with sodium metabisulphite (a disinfectant and preservative). This is called isinglass, and the process is known as fining the beer.   An alternative to fining the beer would be to filter it, this will clear any haze and it is a vegan friendly method. But filtering also strips out flavour, the one thing brewers have worked hard to put in.  Beer does not have to be crystal clear to taste good!

A mixed case consisting of 12 x Drop The Anchor beers selected from, but not necessarily including all, of the following:  The Priest’s Hole Porter, Tucktonia Pale Ale, Silent Stones Indian Amber Ale.

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