Farmer Jim’s – Rhubarb Bob 4% 6 Pint Pouch


Farmer Jim’s are a traditional cider maker producing top quality ciders on their west country farm.

Jim has been making cider for many years. “I have fond memories of helping my father and grandfather at apple harvesting time – from when I was young I used to climb the trees and shake the branches for the fruit to fall and then be gathered. We progressed to ladders and sticks, which we still use to this day, although most apple harvesting is mechanised now.”

Rhubarb Bob 4%

This gorgeous coloured cider is one of the most popular and different sweet ciders you can get – medium tangy rhubarb blended with a gentle vanilla sweetness. Like a liquid version of rhubarb crumble and ice cream.

Our 6 Pint Pouch is just the size and comes with free delivery too!


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