Millwhites Cider – Original Scrumpy 6.5% Case of 12 x 330 ml bottles


Millwhites was created to celebrate the White family tradition of cider production over the past 100 years.  Made from apples grown and hand selected from orchards in the heart of the West Country, Millwhites Cider is pressed, fermented and matured using simple, traditional methods.  They strive to produce a range of craft ciders that acknowledge how things were done in the past whilst keeping up with the tastes of the modern day cider consumer.  They take pride in making their cider from 100% pressed juice and firmly hold onto their values of producing a truly hand crafted product with an exceptional taste.

Traditional golden cider made from 100% pressed juice from cider apples harvested across the West Country. Packed with flavour, this is the type of cider John remembers watching his father and grandfather make every autumn on their farm in Devon. Back then cider making was kept as simple as possible so they felt no reason to complicate the matter with this proper cider.

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12 x 330ml

12 x 330ml bottles


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