Wharf Distillery – Dry – 6% – 35 pint bag in box


Virtual Orchard is a small family run business based in Old Wolverton, to the North West of Milton Keynes.

Virtual Orchard is now made up of over 60 locations, possibly as many as 100, in and around Milton Keynes which are home to anything from a single tree up to 90 trees. All bar one of these orchards are privately owned and none of the trees been treated with herbicides or pesticides. The fruit therefore, and the cider, are as natural as they could possibly be… just as nature intended.

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Small family run business blending apples from up to 100 privately owned orchards from within 15 miles of Milton Keynes into 100% juice cider Natural sugar (from cane or beet) in either granulated or liquid form and wild yeast fermentation. Coachbuilder range and Hop in Cider use Stevia Glycoside (natural plant based sweetener) which mean those ciders are also suitable for diabetics. All ‘fruit’ ciders comply with CAMRA definition and contain no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colour agents. A traditional East Anglian dry.

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