All the luck you need – Touchwood now available at FTD!

Brand new to Fetch The Drinks, is a delightful cider from Cornwall – Touchwood Cider!

Here’s everything you need to know…

Touchwood Cornish cider is the result of a long term-project to reinstate apple growing to Cornwall. Therefore allowing Touchwood cider to grow apples and to reintroduce cider making to their small farm in Mithian.

Nigel Smith came to Woodlands farm in 1984. In the yard was an old granite circular trough. This trough was originally used for crushing cider apples. The old building was an old cider barn, however the apple orchards were long gone. In 1984 Cornwall County Council introduced a scheme to reinstate and save old varieties of Cornish apples.

Nigel started planting many different varieties of apples to his orchards. With nearly 30 varieties of apples, these are then crushed and pressed traditionally. We use only natural yeasts on the apples to ferment the apple juice. Afterwards it is racked and matured for over 12 months. Before we add the sugar we blend the apple juice.

Every harvest Touchwood work closely with WWOOF– World wide opportunities on organic farms. So if you are looking for the chance to meet a local family, and be close to some of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall, contact WWOOF for further details.