Fetch The Drinks goes Continental!

We are now stocking four new cider producers, have you come across any before?

English football is celebrating a clean sweep of sides in the final of European competition, while here at Fetch The Drinks we now boast some of the finest European ciders in our ranks!

French Cider:

The French have been making cidre for centuries , particularly in Normandy and Brittany, with many English apple varieties originating from across the channel.

Breton Cider, Brut Traditionnel (5%) – a soft full-flavoured cider nurtured under the warm Brittany skies! Made from ripened varieties, these ciders now carry the AOC for the region.

Their Brut has a good tannin and an acidity blend or creme brulee sweetness and a perky fizz.

Wignac – a new orchard planted on the old Wignacourt’s estate in the Ardennes has reinstated the traditional 100% juice cider previously made by the Marquis.

Cidre Naturel (4.5%) – medium dry blend of 65% cider and 35% eating apples

Cidre Rose (4.5%) – medium sweet blend of 88% pure apple juice and 12% pure grape juice

Luxembourg Cider:

With no real cider background before the birth of Ramborn, who are reviving the tradition of cider-making, putting good use to the otherwise wasted fruit, and breathing new life into traditional orchards throughout the country.

Ramborn, Original (5.8%) – The first Luxembourgish cider producer fermenting only the freshly pressed juice of apples and pears grown exclusively in meadow orchards.

Their original is a medium dry blend of Rambo, Boskoop, Bonapfel and Luxemburger apples.

Spanish Cider:

The Asturias region of Spain has a passionate cider fan base, with some stunning ciders produces in the area but none with more heritage than El Gaitero.

El Gaitero – Exceptional Spanish craft cider from Asturias, Northern Spain where cider has been made for generations.

Medium Dry (5.5%) – freshly-pressed Spanish cider apples, naturally sun-ripened in local orchards

Red Grape (4%) – clear blood red with a taste of sweet red berries and apples