Sandford Orchards – Devon Red 4.5% Case of 12 x 500 ml


Sandford Orchards is a traditional farm business, pressing juices and ciders for an ever growing market.  Their methods are simple and so is their ethos: ‘we only bottle the best’. They are a family business full of passion for their products and believe that Devon ciders and juices are the best in the world – so we want you to taste them!

They grow lots of fruit including, obviously, many varieties of cider apple, but they also have a further 20 acres of dessert fruit including pears, plums and cherries. They grow fruit on their own land and rented land, and are most proud of the orchards which they have helped to save from extinction.  They also strongly support bio-diversity in their orchards because they are a permanent habitat and, as they are naturally full of trees, they support a huge number of micro-flora, fungi, mosses lichens, insects and therefore song birds, small mammals and thus predators such as badgers, foxes, owls and other large birds of prey.  Most of their orchards are traditional large trees and so have an extremely important role in the winter months on stock farms.  The trees provide natural shelter and because orchards have traditionally surrounded the farmhouse it means that they are the ideal place to put young stock such as calves or ewes with lambs.

The Devon Red at 4.5% is a traditional medium light and fruity ‘proper cider’ and has won the Gold medal at the Taste of the West Awards.

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Case (12 x 500ml Bottles) or Bag in Box (1 x 20 litre/36 pints)

Case, Bag in Box