Winkleigh – Sam’s Medium 6% 35 pint bag in box


It all started in 1916, where Sam Inch started to make cider here at Western Barn in Winkleigh. Times were hard and apples were paid in lieu of a salary. A glut and tumbling prices meant Sam needed to recognise the potential in his only asset, so he borrowed the necessary equipment and made some cider- two hogshead which eventually found their way into the cellars of the White Hart Inn.

Word of mouth was, and still is a powerful marketing agent. It was not long before other public houses were carrying Sam Inch’s cider. In 1952 Inch’s Cider was first poured into bottles; the distribution network was expanding through Eggesford station.

In January 1999 The Winkleigh Cider Company was born. Cider making has gone back to it roots to produce proper ciders and Scrumpies and is now named “Sam’s Cider”. The 4 remaining 100 year old oak vats, now take pride of place here at Winkleigh Cider Company, as well as all its history.

This cider is a medium, full bodied traditional Devon. Made from locally sourced apples.

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