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Fetch The Drinks 7’s side to compete at Bournemouth

We are delighted to announce that we are entering our first Fetch The Drinks rugby side into the Bournemouth 7’s festival this May.

The squad is made up of Fetch The Drinks employees with a selection of friends from School and University. The tournament is over the last weekend of May and with over 30,000 spectators going through the gates last year, it promises to be another fantastic spectacle for players and fans alike. This opportunity couldn’t have been possible without the help of our sponsors, we are extremely grateful for their support and look forward to promoting their products up to and after the tournament.

Twice Brewed Brewery are our main sponsor and hopefully the start of a great partnership, with their amazing beers already available on our site. They are based in the North East, on Hadrian’s Wall and produce some stunning lines to match the scenery of their location. Of the three beers now sold at Fetch The Drinks, Sycamore Gap is our favourite, not just for its perfect amber finish but who can forget that Robin Hood Prince of Thieves scene with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman at the same spot?

Sycamore Gap: Light and refreshing Pale Ale with punchy citrus-hop flavours imparted from Cascade and masses of Lemondrop hops.

Ale Caesar: This delicious American amber ale combines toasted malt and toffee flavours with a spiced warmth and citrus notes. A highly drinkable and richly flavoured amber ale.

Best Bitter: English style session bitter, deep copper in colour with a rich fruity aroma. Hints of tangerine and blackcurrant are balanced by a smooth malt sweetness.

Tancream have also backed the squad and taken out a sponsorship deal. A multi-award winning company, Tancream prevents sunburn, helps slow down skin ageing and gives a golden natural looking tan… what’s not to love? A perfect partnership for 12 rugby players running around in the south coast sun! We hope to use our platform to raise awareness of their products and attract a whole new audience before, during and after the tournament.

To find out more, please visit their site – Tancream

Making a difference in the fight against climate change, Zestec is our third sponsor. As an asset manager they develop a high quality renewable energy assets in the UK. We are extremely grateful for their support and will proudly don their logo on our kit throughout this and future tournaments.

Ahead of Bournemouth 7’s we will be looking into the squad more closely and finding out the preferred cider of choice for each player after a game of rugby!


Cider World 2019 😍

For the second year running, Fetch The Drinks travelled to Germany for Cider World 19. Now into it’s 11th year, popularity is increasing with an amazing array of ciders from Europe and even America for trade and cider supporters to enjoy. Cider World is a two day international cider tasting and awards event held in the Palmengarten area of Frankfurt, which always seems to produce stunning sunny weather when the cider world is in town!

Starting the day with a five mile run through the city, along the river, back passed the Opera House and ending at our Hotel, we were all set for the 12am awards ceremony.

When we arrived at Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten we were greeted by Sebastian, a fellow cider enthusiast from Germany who we had met last year to discuss import/export opportunities for cider wholesalers from around Europe. Despite a slow year of trade for him he remained extremely enthusiastic as to what this year could hold for the cider community.

The first change to last year’s programme was starting with the awards ceremony rather then being squeezed in at the end of the day. If we had any thoughts on what could be improved from ’18, it would have been the awards. Taking over 2 hours at the end of a day of cider tasting, with very little harmony or the efficiency normally associated with a German lead operation, it was slightly painful to say the least. However, this year’s ran like clockwork. It was fantastic to see so many cider makers, some we had never even come across before, being recognised for their talents and dedication to their craft.

Many congratulations to all the cider winners, I think we were able to sample just about all of them on show over the weekend! A special mention to Hogan’s though. A British producer based in Alcester, Warwickshire who won one of the top 5 Medals for their rich, lengthy Libertine. a stunning cider and thoroughly deserved recognition for Jane and Allen.

Once the awards ceremony was complete we headed straight to Ramborn cider. We’d heard amazing reviews about their medium dry and perry, and these expectations absolutely lived up to expectations! Carlo Hein, the Managing Director was able to talk us through the story and the birth of Ramborn. From Luxembourg, the name came from their predominant use of ‘rambo’ apples and their location, Born – ‘Ramborn’. Their medium dry was a stunning cider and we can’t wait to stock them moving forward.

Our standout cider from the show had to be, Blak Stoc. An Austrian cider produced with hops for a refreshing, clean finish but with no doubt that it was a cider! Their brewmaster, Karl, fermented his first cider as a young schoolboy and since then hasn’t stopped experimenting with all sorts of fruits and flavours. Unsurprisingly, their main ingredient is apples, from the wild orchards in the Styrian hills where many of them are ancient regional varieties. Blackstoc means ‘old tree’ in Medieval German. We are looking at how to include their products on our online store and are looking forward to sharing with you their ‘Lazy Day Cucumber.’ If we are in for another blazing summer nothing will refresh you as well as this fruity number.

It’s hard to single out individual producers at an event celebrating the best World Ciders but ‘Ander Dog’ was another cider to blow us away. Produced in a German speaking part of Italy, Passier, their cider was delightfully refreshing and the enthusiasm from Pichler was infectious for his product. If you ever come across this on your travels, it is highly recommended.

The Cider World event enables you try some amazing ciders that you don’t get to sample everyday but also affords the opportunity to mingle with the rest of the community. It was great to see Susanna Forbes, and purchase a copy of her book (The Cider Insider) and Gabe Cook. They are currently in the process of producing a new cider magazine – watch this space.

Sticking with tradition we again spent the evening drinking Apfelstein at an extremely popular family run restaurant in the Old Town. We ate their Weiner Schnitzler with the traditional Frankfurter Green Sauce and washed it all back with a couple of Mispelchen to finish!

We returned to Cider World on Sunday to make our way around the producers we were yet to meet and sample. This included Adam and Eva (German), El Gaitero (Spanish), Reverned Nat’s (American), Dada Dada (Russian) and many more.

Another amazing event and weekend away in Germany. Looking forward to next year and hopefully an even greater representation of British ciders!

Dorset Sunshine: meet the maker

Last week the doors of Dorset Sunshine were opened and the cider master, Alastair, gave us a behind the scenes tour and revealed (some) of the secrets behind one of Dorset’s great products!

In an unassuming Farm outbuilding, Dorset Sunshine has gone from strength to strength over the past few years and is looking to produce 50,000 litres of delicious cider in 2019 – a massive increase on previous seasons. But when you try this cider you will understand why the demand is going through the roof.

To produce their cider they use traditional methods and only locally sourced apples from Dorset. This is extremely time consuming, especially compared to the modern technology now available but the quality of their cider makes this worth while. The apples used include a blend of West Country cider apples, such as Dabinet, Yarlington Mill, Chesil Jersey and Harry Masters.

Pressing season begins! Our first 15 ton batch of Dorset cider apples arrived this morning, checkout the video 🙂

Posted by Dorset Sunshine Cider on Wednesday, 26 September 2018


The apples are crushed and pressed using a traditional rack and cloth process at their cider barn. In this method the apple pulp is shaped on a cloth by a frame wrapped up in the cloth and then stacked one on top of the other, with each ‘cheese’ separated by a wooden rack. These racks enable the juice to run out quickly. Although the pressing itself is fast, building the ‘cheeses’ is extremely time consuming, especially when producing the quantity that they are at Dorset Sunshine. For the time being it’s producing fantastic results and Alastair hopes to continue using the rack and cloth for as long as is possible, although it is rare for a producer of this commercial size not to be using the more modern, basket press.

Dorset Sunshine is then fermented using the naturally occuring wild yeasts that are present in the apples. There are no sulphites or other artificial preservatives; “just the juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice!”

The end result is a well balanced, tasty, natural cider with a hint of residual sweetness and a lovely appley aroma.

Whether you are from Dorset or not, it really is a cider you have to try!


Your Mother’s Day gift covered at Fetch The Drinks

Mother’s Day is fast approaching!

Don’t worry if you haven’t got your present sorted, we’ve got you covered at Fetch The Drinks with a stunning range of bottled ciders for your Mum to enjoy. 🍻

You can’t drink flowers…

Flowery Bottom (4%) 

The cider is a blend of juice from several varieties including Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey, Dabinett and Bulmers Norman. Flowery Bottom is a medium cider infused with elderflower for a light fruity taste.

12 bottles: £38.99 – BUY NOW


Elderflower (3.8%) 

The sun ripened apples are whole crushed and pressed at the orchard’s cider barn near Bridport, then patiently nurtured to create a smooth, delicious cider that is fruity in taste and bursting with flavour.

12 bottles: £39.99 – BUY NOW


Lily The Pink (4.5%) 

A medium fruity cider – gorgeous pink colour – made from 100% cider apples on their Herefordshire farm – intense fruity aroma – very drinkable!!!

12 bottles: £32.99 – BUY NOW


Dorset Blush (4%) 

The Purbeck Cider Company was born in 2006 when Joe returned to the family farm. One of the finest sweet sparkling ciders, with a delicate British berry kick, simply natural the traditional way.

12 bottles: £36.99 – BUY NOW

Ham Hill back on the Fetch The Drinks bar!

We are delighted to announce that we are now restocking Ham Hill cider!

A delicious cider, Ham Hill is crafted to be enjoyed by all, tast…h-the-drinks-bar/es of apple, and demands only curiosity and a desire for a superb drink. It’s made only from Somerset vintage cider apples, by us in Somerset. We aim to make the cider we want to drink, rich in flavour and heritage, but also refreshingly appley and smooth. We believe we’ve cracked it.

Bop Drop 5.5% – Bop drop brings traditional cider bang up to date, using classic apple varieties like Somerset Redstreak and the legendary Kingston Black. The result is an easy drinking full bodied cider, with plenty of fruit and a smooth finish.

Early Drop 6% – Our Early Drop is made from the first pressed apples of Autumn. Varieties include Morgan Sweet, Early Red Jersey and Ellis Bitter. The result is a medium cider with a fresh contemporary taste, plenty of fruit and a rich tangy finish.

Dry 6.5% – Ham Hill Dry is an award winning cider, crafted with care to let the apples speak for themselves. Over 20 Varieties are used to produce a rounded cider that is rich and deep like the tradition, yet is smooth and refreshing.


Low Alcohol Cider at Fetch The Drinks

New to Fetch The Drinks this year is our range of low-alcohol ciders! We are currently stocking two, a ‘Classic’ Sheppy’s and ‘Holly GoLightly’ from Celtic Marches. We hope to expand these options throughout the year but to get you started you cannot go wrong with either of these.

Why low-alcohol? It’s a fast-growing lifestyle choice with more people turning to beer and cider containing less than 1.2% alcohol, creating a new market for drinks companies. Will you be giving it a go?

Sheppy’s is available in a case of 12 x 500ml bottles and the Celtic Marches comes in a 17 pint Bag in Box!

Here’s everything you need to know about these low-alcohol options…

Classic Sheppy’s 0.5%

Sheppy’s Low Alcohol Classic Cider has all the same flavour profile of their traditional cider range but with less alcohol. It is made with a carefully selected blend of Somerset’s finest traditional and dessert cider apples and is designed to be just as enjoyable as customer’s favourite Classic Draught Cider.

At just 0.5% ABV, this traditional, classic cider remains true to their cider-making heritage and methods, featuring the same base cider blends that make up our core range.

Holly GoLightly (0.5%)

A little different to the other Celtic Marches girls, Holly is a delightfully low alcohol cider.

Light, fresh and only 0.5% ABV, her low alcohol label is not to be underestimated. With plenty of body, a touch of acidity as the end note and the wonderful tannin aftertaste that only 100% pressed cider apples can give. This lady is a full flavoured medium cider with strong roots in our range.


Happy St Davids Day – celebrate with a Welsh Cider!

Want to celebrate St Davids day the right way? Well you have come to the right place with Fetch The Drinks working with two fantastic Welsh producers and seven ciders to choose from!

Gwynt Y Ddraig

A Welsh farmhouse cider – shaped by the elements and made traditionally using freshly pressed fruit. The first Gwynt Y Ddraig cider was produced in 2001 on their South Wales farm, starting just as a hobby it soon become something much more serious.

Placing flavour and quality at the core, their range is still produced traditionally and is now world renowned, popping in 7 countries. You don’t have to leave the UK to get your hands on it though, with four of the best available at Fetch The Drinks!

Black Dragon (7.2%): The legendary black dragon. Rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh fruity aroma.

Dog Dancer (6.5%): A smooth crisp cider with a light straw colour. A medium dry, slightly sharp characteristic.

Happy Daze (4.5%): Who can resist a light, bright, fruity glass of Happy Daze? A very easy to drink medium cider.

Two Trees Perry (4.5%): A pale fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the plate.

Hallets Cider

Based at Blaengawney Farm, Hallets have take the old traditional methods of cider making from fresh cider apples and applied a new philosophy to their production, stealing a few techniques from wine makers along the way.

With three delicious ciders to choose from, a dry, medium and a sweet all basis are covered. They approach their production with the care and attention that is needed to blend fine cider that has won them acclaim from some of the most respected critics.

Blindfold (6%): their most popular cider, a blend of three classic cider apples with a citrus back-note.

Heartbreaker (7%): no nonsense cider for the connoisseur. Green apple prominent fruit flavour and slightly astringent finish; the boss’ favourite!

National Treasure (6%): full fruit flavour and a perfect partner for a pork dish.



Fresh look from Dudda’s Tun!

Based in Kent, Dudda’s Tun have been producing delicious cider for ten years on the family farm that has been going since 1939!

The cider began its journey almost Almost 70 years after their family ancestors started farming at Pine Trees Farm, Rob Payne became the 5th generation to join the family business.

The fruit industry, particularly for smaller farms, is a struggling sector in UK agriculture, but Rob was determined to find a way to pay his wage and continue farming.

Making cider seemed like a natural progression. Using apples grown on the farm, Rob made his first small batch of cider in 2009 to sell at local farmers’ markets.

Now ten years later they have a hole range of delicious ciders, most of which available at Fetch The Drinks. We lover their new branding too, a first class make over for a first class product.

Which cider will you choose?

Bone Dry (5.5): A clean, crisp and full-dry cider. Made from Katy and Bramley apples – refreshing to the end!

Original (6.5%): A smooth blend of Russet, Cox & Bramley, this refined medium cider is packed full of flavour.

Sweet Apple (5.3%): Bursting with fresh picked apple flavour, this sweet cider is deliciously moreish, with soft honey notes.

Perry (5.5): A well balanced perry, with subtle honey notes. Produced from super ripe Comice pears.

Salted Caramel (4%): A perfect marriage of fresh apples and caramel, with just a hint of salt.

Apricot (4%): A delicious blend of sweet apricot and apple. Light and moreish.




Six Nations Round Two – cider selection

With teams selected for the second round of the Six Nations, we too have pulled together our ciders of choice for each of the sides!



Thistly Cross, (un)Traditional – Scotland find themselves at the top of the table after round one, which may not be something they are used to, but victory over Ireland could leave them dreaming of the title!

This traditional cider from Thistly Cross is a perfect medium session cider. Matured for six months to give balance, smoothness and ultimate fruitiness. This cider has a fruity and aromatic nose and a golden look in the glass.



Harry’s, No. 8 – England will need another big performance from their number 8 when they take on France at Twickenham.

Harry’s no. 8 is a sweet farmhouse, but not overl so; just right for the novice cider drinker. Sit back and enjoy the ride if you are an England fan!



Gwynt y Ddraig, Black Dragon – Wales will look to pile on the points against Italy as the Red Dragon heads to Rome. But have you tried the Black Dragon from Llantwit Fadre?

Renowned and award winning cider rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh, fruity aroma.



Wignac, Cidre Naturel – what will you make of this cider from across the channel? To be honest it’s nothing like their rugby side, CONSISTENTLY flamboyant and delicious!

Medium dry blend of 65% cider and 35% eating apples.



Bottle Kicking, Scrambler – the Irish have been left scrambling for answers following an all conquering 2018.

The Scrambler is a medium dry, intense gold and slightly hazy cider. Can Ireland find some intensity at Murrayfield, or will they be left feeling slight hazy once more?



Italy... any recommendations?

Welcome back ,Worley’s!

Worley’s are a cider maker based in Somerset UK, producing delicious cider from heritage cider apples that they press themselves.

Their ciders are very drinkable, blended to be perfectly balanced whether it’s still or sparkling; dry, medium or sweet.

At Fetch The Drinks we have four of their real ciders on offer in 35 pint bag in boxes, perfect for a party or to keep you going throughout the month!

Often being pressed as Autumn really sets itself towards Winter, the fruit has usually been quietly maturing in cool orchard grass for a while before we get our hands on it.

The resulting cider includes lots of smooth tannins and is blended with lighter, sharper juice to produce a bright and fruity Dry cider.


Made from the deep, dark and mysterious apples that mature right at the end of the harvest season.

Often being pressed as Autumn really sets itself towards Winter, the fruit has usually been quietly maturing in cool orchard grass for a while before they get their hands on it.


Their Red Hen won Taste of the West’s Champion Cider for 2017 and picked up the same award back in 2015.

Offered as a Medium, the two main characteristics of this cider are fruity apple and spice. This is a very similar blend to what they use for their popular bottled Premium Vintage cider.


This is a Sweet cider, and comes across as an ‘Eastern style’ cider or a white wine. Light and low-ABV, with bags of fruit and mellow balanced sharpness.

A powerful fruity character is ensured by using only 100% apple juice in every batch.