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The Dorset Cider Bar @ The Great Dorset Steam Fair

GDSF barHaving attended the event as customers for the past few years, The Great Dorset Steam Fair had always been a distant dream for the Fetch The Drinks team. However, this year it became reality, with only two months to go until the event we finally got the call, we were in! The Dorset Steam Fair would have a Dorset Cider Bar for the very first time. Although we hold nothing against the previous and current cider bars at the show and have always been great fans of the Burrow Hill Cider Bus, we and now the organisers could not go another year without the County’s finest produce on offer at the County’s finest Show. Read More

Cider Breakdown, Who Drinks What?

alex articleNow the Ashes are back where they belong, the Pub & Bar magazine have put their own averages together to analyse the consistently improving performance of Cider.

The data was collated by Cardinal, collecting opinions and data from customers, to create The Cider Report. Unlike many drinks, cider has an even split between men and women drinkers, displaying its diversity and Broad appeal. It is also interesting to note that the younger drinking age bracket have drunk the least amount of cider, perhaps displaying a reluctance to try something new or a lack of education in the expanding market. The middle bracket on the other hand are more likely to choose a premium product and are therefore not put off by a higher price or an unknown product. However, it does display an encouraging progression for cider and a willingness for the product in each and pub

In the second graphic a clearer breakdown of what type of cider is being consumed by each sex is displayed. The Roooooot of the findings point towards an even spread of cider drinkers between men and women, however pear and flavoured varieties are extremely more popular with women with men sticking to the traditional forms. “One of the key growth drivers we have observed is the heightened demand for flavoured cider,” points out Kathryn Purchase, director of customer marketing at Carlsberg UK. “Consumers are increasingly discerning and are keen to trial new and interesting flavour profiles,” especially the women according to the research. The style of delivery also differs between the sexes, with men preferring the draught option and women strongly favouring the bottle. suggesting that women are more likely to chose a product based on appearance and quality of  branding where as men may trust the look of a product due to its position on a bar hand pump.


Thanks to Pub and Bar for collating the information and producing such aesthetic designs, we hope our readers enjoy your findings as much as we have! For more info visit them at


Cider Update: What’s New

OP MavIt is no secret that the craft and flavoured cider market is on the up, the growth and depth of product is unrivalled by any other in the industry which is now representative of its stature on taps and in the fridges of all the best bars in town. Martin Wolstencroft (Arc Inspirations) describes the current state of flavoured cider as an ‘explosion’ in the market, it must now be considered as a permanent feature on any bar. At Fetch The Drinks, sales at a show, on-line or wholesale, it is the flavoured and innovative products that are proving the most popular. At the recent Dorset Chilli Festival, Martin’s ‘Lulworth Skipper Chili Cider’ proved extremely popular and flew out of the tap while Dorset Nectar’s Passion Fruit variety has been a massive hit at cider festivals all over the country. It is the intrigue and bewilderment from the customer “surely not”, that catches their attention, but yes we can confirm chilli and garlic cider (Orchard Pig, Maverick) does work and tastes fantastic.

annings-fruit-cider-lgeOutside of the innovative range of cider products which is giving the market such a boom, the daring and adventurous taste of the drinker is also expanding and generating more followers than ever before. Jayson Perfect (Palmers tenanted trade director) has noted a variety of age groups now enjoying and experimenting with a range of different ciders. From your traditional dry cider drinker to your “I don’t drink cider” non-cider drinker, everybody is getting involved, they love the story, the development and the craftsmanship of each individual product. Many bars, including Wolstencroft’s, will now stock three to four flavoured, one mainstream and a classic/craft cider, due to its new found popularity.

Ciders diversity is also giving it the edge. Pubs and bars are always looking at ways to accommodate cider, not just as a drink but as a fine accompaniment with food, taking advantage of its full and extensive range of flavours. Furthermore, cooking with cider can also be a fantastic way to juice up your dish and give you the press on any competitors or just to try something different in your own kitchen.

Last week was the Great British Beer Festival, it is a fantastically well run event and this year was no different. What is exciting and notable though is the growing prominence and popularity of the cider bars. Seeing first hand the number of cider drinkers and the extensive range of ciders on offer was an extremely pleasing for cider lovers such as ourselves. Customers knowledge of cider has increased dramatically over the last ten years, which is where the demand for such a varied range of products has come from. Perfect believes that holding dedicated cider events can ‘develop customer interest in the category’, therefore cider becoming an increasingly important feature at beer festivals.


Bournemouth Halloween Cider Festival

cider festThis Halloween, from the very house that brought you Frankenstein, Fetch The Drinks has again teamed up with The Shelley Theatre to bring you the second coming of Cider Fex.

So join us for some haunted fun with for an evening of ghoulish cider tasting with traditionally made award winning craft ciders plus live music from nationally touring band The Waletones. Food by The Perfect Pig Hog Roast. Admission gives you entry to the event plus a free cider sample. Fancy dress optional! cider fest 4

Inspired by Sixties icons The Beach Boys, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, and most obviously The Beatles, The Waletones have captured an essence of The Cavern’s Mersey Beat era, thrown in a little Brit-Pop for childhood nostalgia and topped it with a dusting of noughties indie rock.

Get your tickets from the Shelley Theatre website to avoid disappointment –


Bag in Box Cider – now available at !!!!

thistly x bag in boxThrowing a party, the family are coming round for a BBQ or just getting your supplies in for the summer holidays? dorset nectar bag in box

Fetch The Drinks have the answer. We are extremely excited to now be able to offer 20 litre bag in box cider on our website. Each box contains 38 pints of fantastic British cider from a range of different produces, from Dorset to Somerset, Devon to Hampshire and Scotland to Wales. Whatever cider related problem you have, Fetch The Drinks have the answer.

So whether it is dry, medium, sweet, flavoured or fruity we have the solution here on our website, just search for your favourite ciders and order directly to your home.

We are sure you will enjoy this new facility and hope you are as passionate about these unique artisan products as the team are here.

Cheers and happy drinking!

Flavoured Cider, The Best Is Yet To Come

Craft Cider got everybody’s attention, but its the flavoured variety that’s stealing the show. After storming into the market around ten years ago flavoured ciders are here to stay, customers love them and producers can express their creativeness through innovative new flavours and combinations. Strawberry, elderflower, honey, whisky cask, mixed berries and ginger to name a few, are the existing blends but many predict that will increase. “Consumers will soon see a more diverse range of cider variants, some of which will be made up of unusual and exotic flavours, such as guava, or even infused with spirits.” Scott Parker, trading manager for beer and cider at Molson Coors.TC straberry

So what are your favourite combinations? There is one clear frontrunner at the moment, strawberry, and Phil Patterson, partner of the approachable group, believes “it’s all about trust and consumers trust strawberries in a cocktail or a pudding. The status quo remains”. One of our personal favourites is the Thistly Cross strawberry and the Hunts strawberry, both have proved exceptionally popular among the trade but also when selling to customers, we sure can understand why.  Read More

Summer, Cider, Cricket!

Summer, Cider, Cricket. The great traditions of our British nation. All going hand in hand and in no bigger way than the start of ashesthe Ashes this summer. At 11am on the 8th of July at The Swalec Stadium, Cardiff, the first ball of the 2015 Ashes will be bowled, and the first sip of Cider will be drunk in what promises to be an enthralling series.

A devastating and ruthless Australian side return to English soil to retain the Urn they won so comprehensively in their 5-0 drubbing in 2013/14. However, England with their new Australian coach and their side too finding their feet and swagger will hope to bounce back with the support of the Barmy Army.

Batsmen will come and go, bowlers will live and die by the sword, one nation will bask in glory while another will be left dejected. However, with your opening partner, and personal choice of real cider the ride will be smooth and enjoyable, a blistering century or 5 wicket haul will always conclude with your most trustee of companions until the next mornings play.

Cricket, with its lunch and tea intervals, all-day action and gentle pace is a sport that lends itself kindly to the British public and the cider drinker. An opportunity to enjoy the easy drinking and refreshing taste of real cider throughout the day is a thought that provides as much excitement as the cricket itself.

Come on England, give us something to celebrate, otherwise it will be a long summer drowning our sorrows.

Battle of the Cidermakers: Dorset v Herefordshire

Euston Cider TapThis Friday (6.15 – 8.30), 20th June, at The Euston Cider Tap the first ever Battle of the Cidermakers will take place. Where a carefully selected team of cider makers from Dorset and Herefordshire will do battle. Each maker, will bring a selection of their very finest products to represent their county in a number of categories; dry, medium and sweet. There will be a group of judges scoring each product without knowing which one they are tasting, for the scores to be collated at the end and an eventual winning county will be crowned Cream of the Crop.

Featuring award winning ciders from:

Oliver’s Cider & Perry, Newton Court Cidery, Once Upon a Tree – Herefordshire

Purbeck Cider Co, Sherbourne Cider, Dorset Sunshine, Dorset Nectar – Dorset

There will be plenty for everybody to enjoy, including; ‘meet the makers’, ‘sample a range of award winning ciders’, ‘observe blind tasting judged by a panel of experts’ and Free Entry for all. All entering participants cider will also be available at the bar.

So, please come and join us at 6.15 this Friday, in the upstairs room of The Euston Cider Tap.



Brought to you by The Real Al Company and Fetch The Drinks!

Fetch The Drinks at the Ageas Bowl – Hampshire Fare

A freezing cold Ageas Bowl was the scene and Hampshire were taking on Essex at the start of the new T20 season, with the hosts looking to continue their impressive form of reaching finals day every year since 2010.

Of course we weren’t there for the cricket, but it made for a juicy extra to be pitched up on the boundary edge with our stall facing onto the square. I am sure it was all part of the boss’ master plan.

The Ageas Bowl, Fetch The Drinks warm up

The Ageas Bowl, Fetch The Drinks warm up


Unfortunately, due to the licensing at the ground we were unable to sell our fantastic range of Hampshire cider’s and beer’s during the match, much to the disappointment of all who attended the game. Not only were we selling at a more competitive price but our extensive and lovingly produced product range would have made for a pleasant change to the usual suspects at the bar; we felt like KP to the main bar’s Andrew Strauss.  The products we were showcasing included the ; Mr Whitehead’s, 146 Cider, New Forest Cider, Laverstoke Park Farm and Vibrant Forest. However, we were not to be disheartened and were able to sell the concept and products of who we represent to a large number of future customers.  Furthermore, many customers returned after the close of play to take home their goody bag of ciders and beers.

Despite our hands being a bit like Monty Panesar’s (tied behind our back) it was still a great occasion for ourselves and all the other stall holders. Although, the alcohol selling legislation will not have changed by the next time we can hope for some slightly better weather though and hopefully another Hampshire win.

So despite not being a characteristic swashbuckling knock from the Fetch The Drinks team, they managed to grind out a positive victory in trying conditions to leave with their heads held high. The next home fixture at the Ageas Bowl will again provide a stern test, but with good technique and fast drinking between the wickets we can hope for another successful evening.

Hampshire bowling to victory

Hampshire bowling to victory

A big thank you must go to the Hampshire Fare for making the event possible and to the Ageas Bowl for hosting us. We promise not to excite too many customers with our craft range next time and leave them disappointed with the purchasing options. There is a craft storm brewing though, and although the big boys have kept a good line and length we are ready to clear the ropes and deliver to the public what they want.

You may be able to hold back KP, but you can’t hold back craft (n/o).

Bournemouth Cider Festival with Fetch The Drinks – Cider Fex

On the 1st May, Fetch The Drinks hosted their very own Cider Festival, Cider Fex, at the Shelley Theatre in Boscombe.


Being our first event we were unsure what to expect. How many people would come? Have we chosen the right ciders? Has the event received enough publicity and most importantly will people enjoy it? Well looking back on the event we have to say it was a resounding success. 200 people attended and all stayed right until the last orders bell was rung, enjoying the ciders, atmosphere and the live music from Thirstyman and The Sarah Griffin Band.

We had chosen 13 ciders which we were going to have on offer, and it must be said all were equally as popular as each other. It will make next years selection committee even the more difficult. We had ciders from Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Scotland. The ciders selected were; Dorset Sunshine, Wessex, Burrow Hill, Countryman, Hitchcox, Farmer Jim’s medium and Copper Top, Lawrence’s, Hunts Strawberry, Dorset Nectar Raspberry, Orchard Pig Maverick, Thistly Cross Whisky Cask and Twisted. We hope to add to the range and offer a different variety at the next event, thus hopefully covering at least one product from all the producers we represent.


The night began at 6pm, after an afternoon of preparing the venue from the Fetch The Drinks team and the kind volunteers at The Shelley Theatre. The band area was erected, posters and programmes were printed and arranged, Fetch The Drinks beer mats placed on all tables and the mandatory taste test from the boss was undertaken before all the guests arrived. We were assured this is one of the most important factors of hosting an event like a cider festival while he made his way through the 13 ciders we had on offer.


Our first guest arrived at bang on 6 and there was a steady stream of cider drinkers for the next few hours. They were able to enjoy their first half pint which was included in the entrance fee and live music from the bands which began at 8.30.

Thank you again to everyone who attended and made our first festival such a success. We hope to see you all at the next one, but if you can’t hold out until then please find all our products available on our website


Or if you would like us to a host a cider tasting event or cider festival for you email for any further enquiries. We often get many requests like this so please don’t hesitate to ask.


Fetch The Drinks