A visit to New Forest Cider










A lovely sunny morning spent in the orchard with Barry Topp of New Forest Cider (4th generation) which is located in the beautiful New Forest village of Burley, and pictured here with Sean in front of the stunning Tom Putt apple tree in full blossom. The Tom Putt is an old, traditional English apple variety from the West Country where it was ‘gribbled’ by the Rev. Thomas Putt. It produces a very distinctive apple which is flat round in shape with prominent angular ribs. The skin is largely crimson and it produces a cider which is dry and sharp that can be sweetened by blending.

From his own orchards, where Barry grows 15 varieties of cider apples, he and his family produce their traditional New Forest Cider available in dry, medium and sweet (6%) as well as producing Kingston Black Cider (7%) which is a classic single apple variety. These New Forest Ciders are all availbale on our website here to order in bottles or 20L Bag in Boxes.



We rounded off the morning with a delicious Ploughman’s lunch with home-cured ham and a refreshing glass of Kingston Black in the sunny garden of their Cider Pantry cafe.

And the dogs came too!