Flavoured Cider, The Best Is Yet To Come

Craft Cider got everybody’s attention, but its the flavoured variety that’s stealing the show. After storming into the market around ten years ago flavoured ciders are here to stay, customers love them and producers can express their creativeness through innovative new flavours and combinations. Strawberry, elderflower, honey, whisky cask, mixed berries and ginger to name a few, are the existing blends but many predict that will increase. “Consumers will soon see a more diverse range of cider variants, some of which will be made up of unusual and exotic flavours, such as guava, or even infused with spirits.” Scott Parker, trading manager for beer and cider at Molson Coors.TC straberry

So what are your favourite combinations? There is one clear frontrunner at the moment, strawberry, and Phil Patterson, partner of the approachable group, believes “it’s all about trust and consumers trust strawberries in a cocktail or a pudding. The status quo remains”. One of our personal favourites is the Thistly Cross strawberry and the Hunts strawberry, both have proved exceptionally popular among the trade but also when selling to customers, we sure can understand why. 

Tutts C MulledIt is not just the summer months and fruity refreshing flavours that our booming, there is a trend throughout the year, craft cider has discovered an ability to create a taste for every season. “The different flavours work better at different times of year, so mulled apple flavour at christmas worked really well and looked amazing. The serve with ice sees our fridges stripped every day in the summer.” Tim Foster, Yummy Pubs.

Customers have also realised that cider can be enjoyed in a number of different ways; it has long shaken off the tag as a summer afternoon, refreshing beverage. It is now popular for 12 months of the year, for traditional BBQs and winter evenings but delicious craft cider is also now a fantastic accompaniment to a meal out. “Flavoured ciders could be included on menus in the format of 750ml sparkling or still ciders as an alternative to wine, and can also be used as an ingredient in meat and cheese dishes.” David Sheppy.

The possibilities for craft cider seem endless, we are extremely grateful and excited to be involved in such a promising industry and hope to aid in the promotion of the products we have so much faith in. So keep your eyes peeled for delicious artisan craft cider products coming to a pub near you. We, at Fetch The Drinks, believe we have a fantastic range to compliment any taste buds or season and if it is what you are looking for please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.