Which country drinks the most beer…?


Well it may not be a league table we should be overly proud of, but surely we Brits can do better than this…?!

The country that consumes the most beer per head is the Czech Republic with 143 litres of the stuff consumed per person.

In total – not surprisingly some would say – China consumed the most beer this year with 54bn litres consumed, but this is only 38 litres per person.

That compares to Germany, where an estimated 110 litres were consumed per person totalling nearly 9bn litres.

Top 10: Countries listed in order of highest beer consumption per head (total consumed in brackets)

1. Czech Republic: 143 litres (1.5bn litres)

2. Germany: 110 litres (8.9bn litres)

3. Austria: 108 litres (920m litres)

4. Estonia: 104 litres (135m litres)

5. Poland: 100 litres (3.8bn litres)

6. Ireland: 93 litres (430m litres)

7. Romania: 90 litres (1.8bn litres)

8. Lithuania: 89 litres (260m litres)

9. Croatia: 82 litres (346 litres)

10. Belgium: 81 litres (900m litres)

The UK drank 4.3bn litres of beer- 67 litres per capita which leaves us languishing well outside the   top 10!

But it’s not all negative – cider sale are growing in  the UK.  So come on…drink up!  (and there’s a great selection of craft beers and ciders to choose from on my website).