West Milton Cider – Purple Haze 4% 35 pint bag in box


Nick Poole started making cider in West Milton 12 years ago as a means to stop the family’s horses eating too many apples from the orchard.   Over the next 12 years Nick developed a keen interest in the traditional methods that produced a naturally sweeter cider. This process is known in England as keeving.  Nick produces cider  in a barn at Lancombe Cross ,West Milton, pressing apples collected from orchards in this and the next village; both old and commercial.  The cider is a blend of juice from several varieties including Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey, Dabinett and Bulmers Norman.

Blackcurrant has long been a favourite addition to draught cider.Our perfect blend of traditional cider and fruity blackcurrant is a perfect treat. Lightly carbonated to give a gentle sparkle. Best served chilled. Contains sulphites.

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