Brand New 6 Pint Pouches

Each week we normally bring you some brand new cider to get stuck into, but this week it’s a brand new product, where you can buy a 6 pint pouch from a selection of six producers for just £20 including delivery!

No more worrying about how you are going to get through 35 pints, this is perfect for a quiet weekend in.

Our six pint pouch is the ideal way to sample our cider and, for just £20 including delivery, everyone’s a winner!

What’s going in your pouch? Choose from one of the below products:

Farmer Jim’s – Rhubarb Bob 4%

This gorgeous coloured cider is one of the most popular and different sweet ciders you can get – medium tangy rhubarb blended with a gentle vanilla sweetness. Like a liquid version of rhubarb crumble and ice cream.

Nempnett – Piglets Perry 7%

Nempnett Perry is a cloudy straw colour with wonderful floral pear aroma and this year won Champion Perry!

Harry’s – Medium Scrummage 6.2%

Harrys Scrummage is a medium smooth farmhouse, golden, well balanced and fruity. (Champion Cider 2018)

Dorset Sunshine – Summer Sunshine 6%

Dorset Sunshine Cider is a delicious craft cider made from locally sourced apples, using traditional methods. Best enjoyed in Dorset, in the sunshine! Sweet and lighter version of a traditional farmhouse cider.

Hawkes – Mixed Berry 4%

Hawkes Mixed Berry cider is blended with mixed red berries including strawberry, raspberry and blueberry juice for a natural sweetness. Slightly dry finish. Fruit cider just got real.

Orchard Pig – Ginger and Chilli 4%

A deliciously refreshing medium cider with a Maverick bite… real West Country Cider apples partnered up with a taste of the exotic. An initial nose into the glass reveals the scrumptious mix of citrus and orchard apple. Sweet ginger and honey layers saddle up to the fruit in the first sip, whilst the sneaky chilli moseys along shortly to set your trotters tingling…